News · 20. May 2021
Flying Magazine: UPRT Expands in Europe
A new upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) facility has emerged in Europe to help prevent a common and preventable cause of aviation accidents—loss of control in-flight (LOC-I). Located one hour south of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Upset Training Solutions International (UTSI) provides UPRT that meets the EASA criteria specified by FCL.745.A ...
Training · 12. May 2021
FCL.745.A EASA Advanced UPRT by UTSI
Aviation Performance Solutions partners with UTSI in Europe to provide turnkey, efficient, and effective Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) solutions at budget sensitive prices while harnessing the industry's top UPRT instructors and ideally suited training platforms.
Press Releases · 07. May 2021
UTSI Announces EASA Advanced UPRT Solutions
UTSI announces EASA Advanced UPRT FCL.745.A solution at EBACE delivered in the Netherlands.
Partnerships · 15. April 2021
UTSI Joins with World Leader in UPRT
UTSI strategically aligns with the world leader, Aviation Performance Solutions, to audit UTSI UPRT.
17. March 2021
UTSI Publishes New Branding
UTSI publishes its new logo and branding strategy to align with the global UPRT market's needs.