About UTSI

Upset Training Solutions International

UTSI Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) solutions are specifically designed for professional and student pilots aspiring to fly professionally who need to fulfill EASA regulations regarding UPRT.

  • Every USTI Pilot is an APS-certified UPRT Instructor
  • All Skills are 100% Transferrable to Every Fixed Wing Airplane
  • We Only Use All-Attitude Aerobatic-Certified Training Airplanes
  • All UTSI UPRT is Endorsed by APS, the Global UPRT Leader

Our team is committed to your complete satisfaction and the expeditious completion of your required training at the lowest cost possible while assuring your complete safety and regulatory compliance. As an Approved Training Organization (ATO), all ground and flight operations are conducted within our EASA-approved ICAO Safety Management System that meets all industry standards. 

Upset Training Solution International

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