EASA Advanced UPRT

UTSI stringently aligns with the requirements set forth in regulatory guidelines to meet the specified needs of EASA Advanced UPRT FCL.745.A.

Our UPRT efficiently imparts the knowledge and skills specified by the regulatory authorities targeted to increase airplane upset awareness, recognition, prevention, and recovery competencies.

Available in The Netherlands
(1-hr South of Amsterdam)

Included in EASA Advanced UPRT:

  • 5.0 hours of ground school
  • 3.0 hours of in-flight training
  • Aircraft rental, instructor, and training resources
  • EASA Advanced UPRT completion certificate 
  • Optional upgrades available

Upgrades Available

ground school

  • Convert Virtual to Live Training
  • Additional In-person 1-on-1 Instruction
  • Wide Diversity of Online Video Training Courses on Expanded UPRT Topics

additional flights

  • 1.0 Hour UPRT Sessions
  • 1.0 Hour Customized Training
  • 1.0 Hour Aerobatics

course resources

  • Expanded Course Manuals
  • In-flight Audio/Video Recordings
  • Memorabilia

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